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Next Event

Come try our "Winter Weekend Series". Beginners especially welcome.
Place: Boambee Dunes, Coffs Harbour.
Date: Sunday, 6th May
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
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Membership Reminder 2018

It's time to renew your 2018 Orienteering Club Membership.

Coaching Event

A special coaching event has been arranged for this Sunday. Beginners especially welcome.
Place: Boambee Beach Sand Dunes (south side of the Deep Sea Fishing Club)
Date: Sunday 26th November, 2017
Time: 10:00am
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Membership Reminder 2017

It's time to renew your 2017 Orienteering Club Membership

Training Opportunity

We have a fantastic coaching opportunity to be held on Friday, December 23 at 8:30am at Boambee Beach Dunes. The training will focus on reading contours, with dual sessions running for Less-experienced and More-experienced orienteers.

This training and event are suitable for:
Anyone who has orienteered at least three times before whether adult or child. Especially suitable for anyone who is currently easy or moderate standard or new to hard courses and looking to improve their orienteering knowledge and skills. Children 11 and under may need to be shadowed by parents or older siblings for certain times during the training.

What do you need to bring?
Shoes, hat, sunscreen, water, snacks, compass and a watch. No need to bring any SI sticks. Bring also an enquiring mind and ability to laugh at mistakes. Training will be challenging!

Who are the trainers?
For the kids, Ryan (age 14) and Mikaela (age 12) from Brisbane will be in attendance as they pass through to the Xmas 5-days at Newcastle. Both made the Australian Schools Honours Team in 2016 and are practising sand dunes before they attend Oceania NZ 2017. Ryan a year ago was an orienteer who made lots of mistakes but tried very hard to understand contours by listening to experts and is wanting to help as many kids as he can on the day. Ryan and Mikaela will be attending a one week Sand Dune training course in NZ the week before and keen to share the lessons the lessons they will learn.

For the adults, Brenton Gray and Helen O'Callaghan will be assisting.

Do I need to register?
Yes, please email Helen at bushnbeachoc@gmail.com to confirm attendance. Please do so before Wednesday Dec 21, 5pm as we need to print maps.

Is there a cost?
It is $4 per person or $10 per family to cover map printing costs and some small refreshments at end of training. Please just pay Helen on the day.

Summer Series

Our Summer Series is back on again. Come along and give it a go. Good fun for everone, from beginners to experienced orienteers.

Relay Event Cancelled

The relay event that was to be held on Sunday 18 September at Coffs Harbour Showground has now been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

QB3 - Event Wrap Up

Congratulations to everyone who participated in QB III this year. What a fantastic event. Thank you very very much to all those who volunteered time and effort to making sure this went off well. To those in the club for whom orienteering is new: See - you can compete with those from other clubs. Cheryl Lane proved it by getting 3rd overall in the W Open B grade, Peter Birch gained a 2nd (in the Middle) and a 1st (in the sprint) in the M Open B grade. Placegetters overall were Julie Irvine (1st W45AS), Oscar Woolford (2nd M14A) and Jamie Woolford (3rd M12A). We also had placegetters on each of the 3 days. Plus there were at least 14 individuals and 5 groups from here that entered on the day. Fantastic - well done all of you. Check out all the results here. On the Eventor site there are the results for each of the 3 races plus the overall results.

QB3 - Major Change

Please Note! There has been a MAJOR CHANGE to the program, with events for Days 1 and 3 swapped. The MIDDLE Distance event is now on Day 1 and the SPRINT event is now on Day 3.

Easter 3 Day Carnival 2016

Bush 'n' Beach orienteers had great success in both the Australian Easter 3 Day Orienteering Carnival and the NSW State Championships.
Tony Woolford grabbed 1st place at the Easter 3 Day Carnival (M50A class) and 2nd in NSW State Championships.
Sam Woolford finished 3rd at the Easter 3 Day Carnival (M12A class) and scored 1st place in NSW State Championships.
Congratulations to Tony & Sam on their fantastic achievements, Well done! See Photos

Membership Reminder

It's time to renew your 2016 Orienteering Club Membership.

Membership Reminder 2016

It's time to renew your 2016 Orienteering Club Membership.

Club of the Year

Wow, Bush 'n' Beach Orienteering Club was awarded the NSW Club of the Year 2015 by ONSW recently. Here is the announcement from ONSW:
Awarded to a club showing a high level of achievement in promotion, membership, event organisation and competition. This new club has quickly established itself on the sporting scene in the local area. Right from enthusiastic turnouts to the promotional events we ran in October 2013, this club is growing in leaps and bounds and has a membership that compares favourably with some of more established clubs. Bruce Meder, the Woolford family (inc Helen O'Callaghan), Jennie Thompson and Gavin Rayward are very enthusiastic and capable members who give the club the strength it has from day 1 of its formation. They run events from Grafton down to Sawtell (including MTBO) and have struck up a partnership with Northern Tablelands to cross-promote events. Next year they will host their first State League events.
Our Club of the Year for 2015 is Bush 'n' Beach.


Great news, we finally have RouteGadget up and running. Orienteers can either draw their routes on the map or upload from a GPS watch, and then compare route choices with other orienteers. RouteGadget not only shows the routes, it also allows the event to be replayed, even simulating a mass start.  Check it out

SportIdent Update

Our SportIdent is up and running... Yeah!
We've have now used it on our last two events and it has worked a treat.
Well done to everybody involved in getting this system happening.

Oops! We found an error

Oops! We found an error.
Our brochure on orienteering contains an error in one of the event dates.
Event: Sawmill Creek, Hillgrove
Correct Date: Sunday, 12th July 2015
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Social dinner - You're invited

Orienteering is a very social sport, so please come along and enjoy a social club dinner at 6pm this Friday 17th July at Wins Thai Kitchen in Moonee Street, Coffs Harbour. RSVP to bushnbeachoc@gmail.com to help us with our booking (by 5pm Thursday please).
Hope to see you there!

Event Cancelled

Northern Tablelands Orienteering Club have cancelled the event at Sawmill Creek on Sunday 12th July, due to expected bad weather.


We finally have our SportIdent timing system.
SPORTident is an electronic timing system used regularly at orienteering events. Instead of competitors carrying a paper control card and manually punching their card at each control they visit, they instead carry an SI-card which they insert into the SI unit at each control. The SI-card records the control number and time visited. After the competitor "punches" the "finish" SI unit at the end of their course, the information on their SI-card can then be downloaded to a computer and a printout made showing the controls visited, time visited, split times between controls and total elapsed time. Of course the computer can also tell if the correct controls have been visited and if they were visited in the correct order.
However, we are still in the process of getting it up and running, so it may take a little time before it's fully operational... we will keep you posted.


Hello and welcome to our new website. Officially launched on Wednesday, 4th February 2015.
We really hope you enjoy having a look around our new site and find it informative and easy to use.  We will be constantly adding new features and updating the site, so keep checking back.
One more thing, as this website is brand new, please let us know if you notice anything that doesn't quite seem right. Your feedback will be appreciated.