Do I need to know how to navigate?
Orienteering is designed for people of all ages and abilities. Shorter courses are confined mostly to paths with minimal navigation required. On the longer courses, route choice is an important factor. Competitors have to weigh up the pros and cons of taking the direct route cross-country, or travelling a further distance around a track to the control. It is this factor which gives orienteering its appeal. Good navigation can often beat speed which puts competitors with different abilities in direct competition.
Do I need to be fit?
No, not really. Courses generally range from about 1km to over 10km. This may seem easy, but when you add in the climb and fact that you can't always take the direct route they get a bit harder.

However, you can start off on the easier courses and work your way up. You can go round at entirely your own pace (walking if you wish) and come back if you get tired. As your competitive streak begins to show, you may find yourself running sections to try and move further up the results list!
What do I wear & bring?

When first starting out, all you need are clothes and shoes suitable for walking or running.

Special equipment is not necessary when first starting out, however, you should bring a hat or cap, sunscreen and some drinking water. A watch or similar would be handy to time yourself as you make your way around the course. You may also like to bring a rain jacket and a complete change of clothes and footwear for after (just in case).

What if it rains?
Orienteering events are held regardless of the weather. It is very rare for an event to be canceled on the day of the event. Generally, that happens only because of extreme conditions.
Do I have to be a member of a club to participate?
No. However, members enjoy discounted entry fees and other benefits. If you enjoy your first event(s) you might like to consider joining a club.
How much does it cost?
Summer Series
Adult: club member $6 non-member $8
Junior: club member $3 non-member $4
Family: club member $15 non-member $20
Winter Series
Adult: club member $6 non-member $10
Junior: club member $3 non-member $5
Family: club member $15 non-member $25
Fees for other events: TBA

Hire of SportIdent pCard $1
Junior means younger than 21.
Family means 2 adults and any number of cohabiting dependents up to the age of 25.
Club member means a current financial member of any orienteering, rogaining or related club.